Special Offers

Singapore Airlines are offering discounted travel for the IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting. They are offering a 6% discount on fares originating from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. If you are travelling from Australia to Wellington, please note the discount will only apply to fares from Canberra to Wellington as this is the only route Singapore Airlines operates between the two destinations. If you are located elsewhere in Australia then you can take an internal flight to Canberra if you wish and then take up the offer from there. To take advantage of this special offer please directly contact the Singapore Airlines Sales Office for your country on the list below to organise discounted fares.  




Contact person: Ms Tati Shohdy 

Email: Tati_Shohdy@singaporeair.com.sg       




Contact person: Ms Dinny Liana Rossa 

Email: DinnyLiana_Rossa@singaporeair.com.sg       



New Delhi 

Contact person: Mr Himanshu Dev

Email: Himanshu_Dev@singaporeair.com.sg     



Kuala Lumpur 

Contact person: Ms Sharmaine Jenkins 

Email: Sharmaine_Jenkins@singaporeair.com.sg 

Telephone: 603 26186338   



Contact person: Mr Tan Zhirong 

Email: Zhirong_Tan@singaporeair.com.sg     




Contact person: Ms Do Minh Nguyet

Email: MinhNguyet_Do@singaporeair.com.sg 

Telephone: 84 8 38236210 or 84 903855250